Gas Flow Meter The LUGB vortex gas flow meter is a new type of vortex flowmeter with international advanced level successfully developed based on the Karman vortex principle. It is suitable for measuring superheated steam, saturated steam, general gas and liquid.LUGB series of flow meter specifications from DN15 to DN300, vortex flow meter in accordance […]
Vortex Shedding Flow Meter Intelligent vortex shedding flow meter can be widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, urban gas supply and other industries to measure the flow of various gases, is currently the oilfield and urban natural gas transmission and distribution measurement and trade measurement of the preferred product.  Application 1.Measurement of […]
Vortex Gas Flow Meter The vortex gas flow meter produces a velocity flow meter based on the Karman vortex principle for measurement and metering of conventional gases, vapors and liquids. The vortex flow sensor has high precision and a wide range ratio. It has no moving parts in use, which can improve mechanical stability and reduce maintenance. […]
Natural Gas Flow Meter Natural gas vortex flow meter is used to measure the volume flow of gas, steam or liquid, the volume flow of standard condition or the volume flow of mass flow. It is mainly used for flow measurement of industrial pipeline medium fluid, such as gas, liquid, steam and other media. It […]
Insertion Vortex Flow Meter Insertion vortex flow meter, it is suitable for big diameter pipe size .It is not affected by the temperature, pressure, viscosity and composition of the medium, at the same time, it is not blocked, not stuck, not easy to scale, is resistant to high temperature and high pressure, is safe and […]
Temperature And Pressure Vortex Flow Meter Temperature and pressure vortex flow meter ,it can measure the gas temperature and pressure and the flow . After adding these two compensations, the density of the passing gas can be calculated and then the mass can be calculated. Some mass flow meters add temperature compensation and pressure compensation […]
Compressed Air Flow Measurement LUGB vortex flow meters compressed air flow measurement are widely used in the measurement and control of superheated steam, saturated steam, compressed air and general gases (oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, natural gas, gas, etc.), water and liquids (such as water, gasoline, alcohol, benzene, etc.) in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, heat, textile, paper and other industries. Vortex flow […]
Vortex Steam Flow Meter Vortex steam flow meter , Using advanced differential technology, with isolation, shielding, filtering and other measures, it overcomes the problems of poor shock resistance and small signal data disorder of similar products, and adopts unique sensor packaging technology and protective measures to ensure product reliability. The product has two types of […]
Air Flow Measurement Instruments Steam flow meter, compressed air vortex flow meter ,air flow measurement instruments the use of piezoelectric crystal as a measuring element of the flow measurement instruments for a variety of gas, steam, liquid flow measurement .LUGB series of hydrogen gas flow meter specifications from DN15 to DN300, vortex flow meter in […]
Steam Vortex Flowmeter   LUGB vortex flowmeter is widely used in the measurement of liquid or gas flow in industrial pipelines such as petroleum, chemical, electric po wer and light industry. Since the sensor material is 1Cr18Ni9Ti, it can al so be used for urban water supply, heating, boiler water supply, and flo w measurement […]
Lpg Gas Flow Meter LUGB lpg gas vortex flow meter is the new flow meter with internationally advanced level, it measures the flow based on the principle of Karman vortex street. It used to measure the flow of steam, gas and liquid of low viscosity. It’s widely applied in various fields, such as petroleum, chemical […]
Vortex Sensor 1. Accuracy: ±1%2. Nominal pressure: 1.6Mpa, 2.5Mpa, 4.0Mpa and above3. The temperature of the measured medium: -40℃-350℃4. Pressure loss: resistance coefficient CD≤2.4  Vortex flowmeter measurement principle and characteristics: Vortex flowmeter is a new type of flowmeter based on the principle of Karman vortex flow. It is suitable for flowmeter measurement of superheated steam, […]