Vortex Shedding Flow Meter

Vortex Shedding Flow Meter

Vortex Shedding Flow Meter

Intelligent vortex shedding flow meter can be widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, urban gas supply and other industries to measure the flow of various gases, is currently the oilfield and urban natural gas transmission and distribution measurement and trade measurement of the preferred product.


1.Measurement of steam: saturated steam .

2. Gas flow measurement: nitrogen, carbon dioxide, methane, methane chloride, ammonia.

3. Air flow measurement: dust control.

Vortex Shedding Flow Meter



vortex shedding flow meter

Measured Medium

Liquid;Gas;steam;oxygen;biogas; air;Saturated steam

Medium temperature

≤250℃,250℃ to 280℃,280℃ to 350℃



Nominal Pressure

1.6MPa;2.5MPa;4.0MPa;6.3MPa(The pressure can be custom )



Power supply

24VDC,3.6V Lithium battery


Integral flange, flange clamp, thread, welding


304stainless steel ,316 stainless steel , carbon steel


pulse ,RS485,4-20ma,HART(optional)

Explosion-proof model


More vortex shedding flow meter

More vortex shedding flow meter

Installation Way 

1. The .vortex shedding flow meter, can only measure in one direction. When installing, pay attention to ensuring that the flow direction of the medium is consistent with the direction indicated by the arrow of the flow meter.

2. The best installation method of vortex flowmeter is vertical installation, and the medium passes through the flow meter from bottom to top. That is, the flowmeter is installed on a vertical pipe with the flow direction from bottom to top.

3. When installing horizontally, the flowmeter must be installed in the high pressure area of the entire system and the corresponding outlet pressure must be ensured; do not install it at the highest point of the pipeline, because the highest point tends to accumulate gas, the pipeline is not full, and the outlet cannot be directly vented.

4. When measuring high temperature fluids, try to use the vertical installation method; if you have to install it horizontally, please install the transmitter part of the flowmeter vertically downward or horizontally to avoid excessive temperature; pay attention to the air flow at the installation location Or well ventilated.

5. Straight pipe section requirements: at least 15 times the pipe diameter before the flow meter and 5 times the pipe diameter after the flowmeter. If there are interference sources such as elbow, indentation, expansion, etc. before the flowmeter, it is necessary to ensure that the pipe diameter is 30-40 times before the flowmeter and 6 times the pipe diameter after the flowmeter. The flow meter should be installed upstream of the regulating valve and pressure or temperature sensor.

6. Pay attention to the pipe diameter should be slightly greater than or equal to the inner diameter of the instrument during installation.

7.When using the sealing ring, pay attention to the inner diameter of the sealing ring should be slightly larger than or equal to the inner diameter of the instrument, and the center of the sealing ring is located in the center of the pipeline.

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