Ultrasonic Tank Gauge

Ultrasonic Tank Gauge

Ultrasonic Tank Gauge

1. Measuring range: 0~20m (selected based on actual measurement range)
2. Blind area: 0.45m~0.6m
3.Ranging accuracy: ±0.25~1% (standard conditions)
4.Ranging resolution: 1mm

1.Features and advantages of JYUS-488XL liquid level gauge:


ultrasonic tank gauge


⑴IP68 super waterproof, suitable for measurement in various harsh environments. Our ultrasonic liquid level meter has a unique 45-degree diagonal waterproof joint design, making the whole machine reach IP68 waterproof level. As long as it is tightened and soaked in water for a year, any machine will still remain in good working order. Whether in heavy rain or muddy scenes, it can work efficiently and stably.


⑵Excellent performance, high measurement accuracy and long service life. JYUS-488XL has reached the international forefront in terms of performance. By connecting to PLC at the same time to view the signal curve, you can clearly see the advantages of our products in terms of smoothness and burr control. We produce every product with world-class quality standards.


⑶In terms of circuit design, it has comprehensive functions. Our 2-wire ultrasonic tank gauge is powered by a 4-20mA loop, while the 4-wire defaults to 4-20mA+Modbus RS485+2 relay signals. The most important thing is that the 4-20mA output terminal will not burn out if the DC24V power supply is mistakenly connected. This kind of multifunctional design is rare in the market and is also a highlight of our products.


⑷Easy to operate and clear at a glance. The large-screen LCD menu allows you to operate at a glance, and all functions are clearly visible. Even a novice can easily get started in 5 minutes.


⑸Patent protection and quality assurance. Our products have applied for invention patents, appearance patents, and utility model patents, which are the best proof of the uniqueness and innovation of our products. We rely on patents to provide quality assurance for each product.


2. Product size chart:

Ultrasonic Level Gauge Dimensional Drawing

ultrasonic water tank level meter


3.Main Technical Indicators:



Integrated Type

Separate Type

Measuring range


30m, 40m, 50m, 60m

5m, 10m, 15m, 20m, 30m, 40m,50m, 60m, 70m

Measurement accuracy


Resolution ratio

3mm or 0.1% (whichever is


3mm or 0.1% (whichever is greater)


English LCD

English LCD

Analog output

4-line system, 4~20mA/ 510

Ω load 2-line system,

4~20mA/250Ω load

4~20mA/ 510Ω load

Relay output

2 groups (i.e. AC 250V/ 8A

Or DC 30V/ 5A) optional,

state programmable

2 groups for single channel and 4 groups

for double channels (optional) AC 250V/

8A or DC 30V/ 5A, state programmable

Power supply

Standard configuration:




tandard configuration: 220V AC+15% 50Hz

Optional: 24VDC 120mA

Customized: 12VDC or battery powered



Display instrument:


Probe: -20~+80ºC

Display instrument: -20~+60ºC

Probe: -20~+80ºC



Degree of protection

Display instrument: IP65, probe: IP68

Probe cable


Maximum length 100m, standard configuration: 10m

Probe installation

Select type based on measuring range

and probe

Product power consumption

The separate power supply is 24V power supply,

The consumption of this type is 100mA (without relay), 120mA (with replay),

2 relays are 145mA, 3 relays are 170mA, 4 relays are 190mA.

Product power consumption

Four-wire integrated, 24V power supply, power consumption is 80mA without relay and 105mA with relay

Product power consumption

Integrated two-wire system, 24V power supply, no relay can be installed, and the power consumption is 30 mA.


4.A corner of the production workshop:


We have inventory in Dali and can guarantee fast delivery after receiving payment.

ultrasonic oil tank gauge

Ultrasonic level meter production

Ultrasonic level gauge calibration

Split ultrasonic liquid level meter



5. Application scope:

Ultrasonic tank gauge is a very commonly used measuring tool for liquid level measurement. As a non-contact liquid level gauge, it is often used in some situations with complex working conditions or special requirements because it does not come into contact with the medium.


JYUS-488XL is a digital liquid level instrument controlled by a microprocessor. It consists of three parts: ultrasonic transducer, processing unit, and output unit. In the measurement, ultrasonic pulses are emitted by the sensor (transducer). The sound waves are reflected by the liquid surface and are received by the same sensor or ultrasonic receiver. They are converted into electrical signals through piezoelectric crystals or magnetostrictive devices, and are transmitted and received by the sound waves. time to calculate the distance from the sensor to the surface of the liquid being measured.


Since this liquid level meter adopts non-contact measurement, the measured medium is almost unlimited and can be widely used to measure the height of various liquids. Common application conditions, such as manholes, factory water tanks, tanks, municipal engineering, tap water, sewage treatment, water conservancy and hydropower, steel, coal mines, electric power, petrochemicals, urban rivers and lakes, transportation and food processing industries.


6. Installation requirements:


⑴ The distance between the probe transmitting surface and the minimum liquid level shall be less than the range of the selected instrument.


⑵ The distance between the probe transmitting surface and the highest liquid level should be greater than the blind area of the selected instrument.


⑶ The transmitting surface of the probe should be kept parallel to the liquid surface.


⑷ The installation position of the probe should try to avoid the inlet and outlet port.


⑸ If the pool wall or tank wall is not smooth, the installation position of the instrument should leave the pool wall or tank wall above 0.5m.


⑹ If the distance between the probe transmitting surface to the highest liquid level is less than the blind area of the selected instrument, the extension pipe should be installed with a diameter greater than 120mm, length 0.45m~0.60m, vertical installation, the inner wall is smooth, and the opening on the tank should be greater than the inner diameter of the extension pipe. Or pass the pipe to the bottom of the tank, the pipe diameter is greater than 100mm, and the remaining hole in the bottom of the pipe should keep the liquid level of the extension pipe and the tank equally high.


7.Use the scene diagram:


Installation of ultrasonic liquid level meter in swimming pool

River ultrasonic level meter installation

Sealed tank ultrasonic liquid level meter installation

Liquid ultrasonic level meter installation


8. Commitment:
Our liquid ultrasonic level gauges are all calibrated one-to-one before leaving the factory to ensure an accuracy of 0.25-1%. All products of Henan Junyuan Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. have a 24-month warranty. If there are product quality problems, we can replace new instruments and equipment for free.


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