Pressure Differential Transmitter

Pressure Differential Transmitter

Pressure Differential Transmitter

Type intelligent pressure differential transmitter is used to measure the level, density and pressure of liquid, gas or steam, and then convert it into 4-20mA DC signal output. The intelligent differential pressure transmitter can communicate with the HART handheld communicator, through it to set, monitor or form an on-site monitoring system with the host computer. The intelligent differential pressure transmitter is a new product developed by Jinhu Tianxin according to on-site requirements. It can be separated from the hand operator and can be used to realize on-site zero adjustment and configuration operations through the button.

Pressure Differential Transmitter

Pressure Differential Transmitter

Technical Parameters


pressure differential transmitter

Measuring medium

Gas ,liquid , steam

Measuring range:

Differential pressure: 0—-7MPa, Differential pressure: -100KPa—–40MPa

Measurement form

gauge pressure,differential pressure,absolute pressure

Start-up time

Start-up time: 3s without preheating



Signal output

4-20Ma , Hart

Power supply

external power supply 24VDC (power supply range 12V—-30V)

Explosion proof

Isolated explosion-proof ExdIIBT4, intrinsically safe Exia IIBT6


LCD liquid crystal display (default) LED digital tube display


The six-month error is ±0.15% of the maximum range

temperature range

Medium temperature: -40 to 120℃, storage temperature: -40 to 85℃

Turndown ratio


Range and zero point

 external continuously adjustable

Part features:
1. Meter head design: LCD display, three-button button design, the range can be modified at will, on-site calibration is supported, and zero can be reset with one button.
2. Self-isolated wiring room: The self-isolated wiring room effectively isolates the external water and gas interference, and the two-wire wiring terminal is simple and convenient.
3. Non-standard customization: the default 316L diaphragm, the diaphragm can be selected according to the medium: tantalum diaphragm, Hastelloy C-276 Monel.
4. Helium pressure base: super tightness, helium pressure, no side leakage, the body is available in carbon steel and stainless steel, and the appearance is beautiful, strong and durable.
5. Transmitter connection method: the transmitter itself is 1/4NPT internal thread, and the M20X1.5 adapter will be delivered from the factory to facilitate the connection of the transmitter and the pressure pipe. The adapter material is 304 stainless steel

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