Brewery Flow Meter The LWGY turbine brewery flow meter, It is a precision flow measuring instrument, which can be used to measure the flow and total amount of liquid when matched with the corresponding flow totalizer. It is widely used in the measurement and control system of petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, scientific research and other […]
Turbine Flow Sensor Product principle Intelligent liquid turbine flow meter (turbine flow sensor and display instrument are matched to form a turbine flowmeter). The sensor has the characteristics of high accuracy, long life, simple operation, and good repeatability. It can be widely used in paper making, petroleum, metallurgy and chemical industry.  Product Features 1.Turbine Flow […]
Turbine Flow Meter Pulse Output Turbine flow meter pulse output , the liquid turbine flow sensor converts the flow of the liquid in the pipeline into an electrical pulse signal, and is processed by a display instrument or a computer system to complete the measurement or total measurement of the liquid flow in the pipeline. […]
Oil Flow Meter Turbine Oil flow meter is an intelligent turbine flow meter consist of a turbine flow sensor and a display instrument. The sensor has the characteristics of high accuracy, good repeatability, long life and simple operation. It can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, paper making and other industries to measure the […]
Methanol Flow Meter Methanol turbine flow meter is a volume measuring turbine type of Impeller Flow meters , made up of Sensor and transmitter. It can be widely used in the fields of chemical industry,petrol, metallurgy, scientific research.  Application1. Suitable for even liquid media such as tap water, softened water, drinking water, fruit juice, beverage, […]
Turbine Water Flow Meter The turbine water flow meter instrument that used to measure the volume flow and total volume of low-viscosity fluids (liquid or gas) in closed pipelines.Turbine water flow meter is an ideal solution when high accuracy, compact size, fast response, and high tolerance to shock and vibration are critical requirements and suitable […]
Liquid Turbine Flow Meter The liquid turbine flow meter instrument that adapts to measure the liquid rate and total flow rate of low viscosity, it can be widely used in the fields of petrol, chemical industry, metallurgy, scientific research for measuring or control, several output and display methods can be selected .  Liquid turbine flow […]
Diesel Flow Meter The LWGY diesel turbine flow meter and the display instrument that receives the electric pulse signal form a turbine flowmeter, which is used to measure the volume flow and total volume of low-viscosity fluids (liquid or gas) in closed pipelines. It is used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, aviation and scientific research. […]
Turbine Type Flow Meter Working Principle Turbine type flow meter working principle,Liquid turbine flowmeter has small pressure loss, impeller with anti-corrosion function, strong anti-magnetic interference and vibration ability, reliable performance, long life, strong function of the whole machine, low power consumption. If it is matched with our company’s display instrument with special functions, It can […]
Ethanol Flow Meter Ethanol flow meter Purified Water Turbine Flow Meter is designed for usage in water, diesel, gasoline and other fluid measurement and control systems. They operate according to the turbine principle, the speed of an impeller turning in the fluid flow is measured and converted into pulse or 4-20mA  Typical application: water, diesel, […]
Turbine Flow Meter Manufacturers 1. Pipe diameter: Pipe type: DN4~DN450,2. Type: integrated type, pulse type (can be equipped with flowmeter and calculator, and can also be connected to control equipment)3. Output mode: pulse, 4~20Ma, RS485 communication  1.Introduce: Turbine flow meters are devices used to measure the flow of liquids. They are commonly used in industrial […]
Digital Turbine Flow Meter 1. Pipe diameter: DN4-DN4502. Type: pulse type, integrated type, plug-in type (applicable to pipe diameter DN100 or above)3. Material: SS304, SS3164. Accuracy: 1%  1. Product Overview: A digital turbine flow meter is a velocity flow meter used to measure the volumetric flow of low viscosity, uniform liquids flowing continuously through closed […]