Rotameter Flow Meter Rotameter flow meter ,In a vertical tapered tube that expands from bottom to top, the gravity of the float with a circular cross-section is borne by the hydrodynamic force, and the float can rise and fall freely in the tapered tube. It moves up and down under the action of flow velocity […]
Variable Flow Meter Variable flow meter ,tube float flowmeter, also known as the “metal tube rotameter”, is a measuring instrument commonly used in the industrial automation process management to measure the variable area flow. Being featured with characteristics of small size, wide application range, convenient usage, etc., it is designed for measuring the flows of […]
Metal Rotor Flowmeter Metal tube rotameter is a commonly used flow measuring instrument in industrial automation process control. It has the characteristics of small pressure loss, large detection range, and convenient use. It can be used to measure the flow of liquid, gas and steam, especially suitable for low pressure Flow measurement of medium with […]
Variable Area Flow Meter Variable area flow meter measures the fluid flow based on the throttling principle, but it changes the flow area of the fluid to keep the differential pressure between the top and bottom of the rotor constant, so it is also called a variable flow area constant differential pressure flowmeter, also called […]