Reotemp’s Tridicator combines a temperature measurement instrument and a pressure gauge in one convenient instrument. The tridicators are: Designed for use with boilers, Dual scale which displays pressure in psi and feet of H₂O the temperature in C° and ° F (Temp Range: 70-320 F&C) For use with Steam and Water GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS Standard Size: 2.5”, […]
Our Sprinkler Gauge is a high quality pressure gauge used on fire sprinkler systems in either water or air applications.  The pressure gauge features a 3.5” large dial size with a polycarbonate twistable lens for ease of servicing of pressure gauge. Easy-to-read 3.5” Dial ¼”NPT Brass Connection Strong Polycarbonate Lens Black Plastic Corrosion Resistant Case […]
REOTEMP’s Series SG sanitary gauges are specially designed to exceed the demanding safety requirements of the food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, and biotech applications. All REOTEMP SG series come standard with 3-A certification included. Quick Connect Tri-Clamp® Design Fast Removal and Installation of Instruments, to Allow Flushing or Changing the Process Media Ideal for Clean-in-Place, or Equipment Washdown Exceeds 3-A Sanitary […]
Reotemp’s PGL series pressure gauge is a gearless, direct drive design ideal for extreme applications where vibration and pulsation are prevalent. This gauge features a low volume sensing element, ideal for diaphragm seals. Gearless, Helical Tube High Vibration/Pulsation Applications Solid Front Safety Design Low Volume Design for Low Displacement Diaphragm Seals Specification Accuracy ±0.5% Grade […]
Reotemp’s large dial pressure gauges are commonly used in applications where the pressure gauge is difficult to read due to user distance from the gauge. The rugged cast aluminum case has 3 rear mounting holes to allow for wall or panel mounting. It is also equipped with a removable front ring to recalibrate in the […]
Reotemp’s PSS series is a Schaeffer style seal gauge with a diaphragm sensing element used to measure pressure for gases, liquids, or solids. The mechanical diaphragm seal design minimizes thermal related accuracy errors making it the ideal choice for lower pressure applications. Low Pressure Ranges Available Open Front or Solid Front Case Design Overpressure Resistant […]
REOTEMP Model MSX HF Safety Gauge is a specially designed Mechanical Pressure Gauge for use in Hydrofluoric Acid service. Both the diaphragm seal components and pressure gauge internals are made with Monel A400 material, complying with EPA rules on dual containment. The entire diaphragm seal system is completely welded and coated with acid-detecting paint providing […]
REOTEMP’s All-Welded Pressure Seal Gauge™ offers superior diaphragm seal safety and performance at an economical price. Combined with a gauge or transmitter, the tamper-resistant all-welded diaphragm seal reduces potential leak points, making it ideal for installations where process integrity and worker safety are paramount. Combined with PulsePlus™ protection, the Series MS8 can potentially triple the life […]