Wafer type butterfly valve

Wafer type butterfly valve

Pressure class: class150~class600 6bar~50bar
Diameter range: 3”~160”
Material: WCB、LCB、LCC、CF8、CF8M、CF3M、CF3、CN7M、CF8C、WC9、C5、C12
Actuating mode: manual, electric, pneumatic, pneumatic-hydraulic,etc.


1. Sealing ring is made of stainless steel, with the double advantages metal hard seal and elastic seal , No matter in the low and high temperature, excellent sealing performance, and has corrosion resistance, long life and other characteristics
2. Butterfly plate seal face use the butt weld cobalt-based hard alloy, seal face wear resistance and long service life
3. Butterfly plate strength high 、flow the area is large, small flow resistance
4. This valve with two-way sealing function, installation shall not be subject to the restrictions of the flow direction of medium, and is not subject to the influence of the space position, can be installed in any direction

Design basies:

Design and Manufacture: API609
Face-Face dimensions: API609/ISO5752/ASME B16.10
Flange Ends Dimensions:ASME B16.5/B16.47
Pressure Test:API598/API609/ASME B16.34

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