Vortex Flow Meter For Steam

Vortex Flow Meter For Steam

Vortex Flow Meter For Steam

1. Pipe diameter: DN15-DN1500
2. Type: split type, integrated type, plug-in type (suitable for pipe diameters above DN200)
3. Accuracy: ±1.0%
4. Medium temperature: -20℃~350℃

1.Working Principle:

A vortex flow meter for steam is a device that measures the flow of steam in a system. It works by utilizing the principle of the phenomenon of “vortex shedding”, which creates eddy currents behind a blunt body (the shedding bar of the flowmeter) in the fluid flow. The frequency of these vortices is directly proportional to the flow velocity, and this frequency is detected by a sensor. This data is then converted into flow readings. This steam flow meter is a highly accurate and reliable device widely used in steam flow measurement applications in industries such as power generation, steam distribution and process industries. They provide a low-cost, low-maintenance solution for accurate measurement of steam flow while reducing energy costs and increasing efficiency. Overall, this meter is an important tool in maintaining an efficient and sustainable steam system.


Steam Vortex Flowmeter

Separate steam vortex flowmeter

Flange mounted vortex flowmeter with temperature and pressure compensationSteam vortex sensor

Flange connection vortex flowmeterThreaded Vortex Flow meterFlange mounted vortex flow meter



The Vortex Flowmeter with Temperature and Pressure Compensation is a highly accurate, reliable instrument designed specifically to measure steam flow in a variety of applications. With its advanced technology and robust construction, it provides accurate readings under varying flow conditions and pressures, making it an indispensable tool in many industries.


One of the main advantages is its ability to accurately measure the volume flow and mass flow of saturated and superheated steam, while displaying the pressure and temperature of the medium. This is achieved through its sophisticated sensor design, which detects changes in vapor density and temperature, allowing for precise flow measurement.


Another significant advantage is ease of installation and maintenance. Furthermore, it requires minimal maintenance, making it an extremely cost-effective solution.


In addition to high precision and ease of installation, there are other advantages. Ideal for use in harsh environments, for example. They also have a long lifespan, making them a reliable and durable option for long-term use.


Overall, the steam LUGB flow meter is a valuable tool for many industries, including manufacturing, energy production, and chemical processing. With its advanced technology, ease of installation and maintenance, and robust construction, it provides the ideal solution for accurate flow measurement in a variety of steam applications.


Split type steam vortex flowmeter scene diagram

Flange mounted steam vortex flowmeter


3.Working characteristics:
※The temperature range of the measured medium is wide (-20°C ~ 350°C);


※ In the case of normal temperature medium, the steam flow sensor can be maintained online without stopping the work.


※The structure is simple and firm, without moving and wearing parts, and has a long service life;


※The measurement accuracy is 1% higher, and the resistance loss is small;


※Easy installation, less maintenance;


※The steam meter can transmit the flow signal over a long distance to realize centralized management.


4.Installation requirements:
Standard 4-20Ma output, digital pulse signal output, Modbus communication (optional), Hart protocol (optional), so it is easy to use with computer and other digital systems, it is a relatively advanced and ideal flow meter. The straight pipe section requirements during installation are as follows:


When installing, the axis of the flowmeter should be concentric with the axis of the pipeline, and the flow direction should be consistent.


The length of the upstream pipeline should have a straight pipe section of equal diameter not less than 10D. If the installation site permits, it is recommended that the upstream straight pipe section be 20D and the downstream one be 5D.


The inner diameter of the upstream and downstream piping at the installation point is the same as the inner diameter of the meter sensor.


5.Combination accessories of split type LUGB flowmeter with temperature and pressure compensation:


Pulse Vortex Flowmeter

flow totalizer

Pulse Vortex FlowmeterFlow totalizer

Pressure Transmitters

PT100 temperature sensor

Pressure TransmittersPT100 temperature sensor


6.Product display:





1. Q: What are the sensor materials?


A: The body material can be SS304 or SS316L, and customers can choose according to their needs.



2. Question: What does it mean to have temperature and pressure compensation? Why choose temperature and pressure compensation to measure saturated steam or superheated steam?


A: In this way, the display screen of the vortex converter can display: flow, pressure, temperature.
Because steam changes with temperature, the volume will also change. It is inaccurate to only display the volume flow. If it is equipped with temperature and pressure compensation, it will not display the mass unit, such as: tons, KG, etc.



3. Q: Can we order a sample first? How many PCS is the MOQ?


A: Of course, our MOQ is 1PCS.



4. Q: Do you accept customization?


A: We are a manufacturer, we accept customization, including brand customization, appearance size customization and so on.



5. Q: Is there any warranty for this equipment? How about the warranty?

A: Of course, our warranty time is 18 months, if there is any quality problem, we will replace it with a new one for free.

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