Ultrasonic Smart Water Meter

Ultrasonic Smart Water Meter

Ultrasonic Smart Water Meter

1. Pipe diameter: DN15-DN500
2. Communication interface: RS485/USART/infrared interface, M-BUS replacement; NB-lot wireless transmission
3. Output signal: OCT substitute

1. Features:

ultrasonic smart water meter is a newly developed product with low cost, high measurement, high accuracy, low power consumption, stability and reliability. It complies with ISO4064-2014, GB/T778-2018 and other standards and is based on ultrasonic time difference measurement technology .

This type of industrial water meter has dual channels and four channels and is highly integrated. It has many advantages such as wider measurement range, ultra-low power consumption, stable and reliable performance, etc. All components of this product reach IP68 protection level and can be used in various harsh environments. It is widely used in urban water supply, water resources management, agricultural irrigation, landscaping, and industrial ultrasonic instruments. It is a major technological innovation in the field of water conservancy technical measures.


ultrasonic smart water meter


2.Parameter Description:


Executive standardISO4064-2014,GBT778-2018
Measurable fluidWater, sewage, seawater (other liquid need be customized),Liquid full of pipeline
Fluid temperature0.1℃-30℃
Work environmentTemperature: -30-45℃; humidity:100%( RH )
Bearable pressure1.6MPa, 2.5MPa alternatives
Pressure lossDN15-DN40 △P40;≥DN50 △P10,P16,P25
The sensitivity grade of upstreamU3
The sensitivity grade of downstreamD0
Climate and mechanical environmentC class
Electromagnetism compatibility gradeE2 class
Communication interfaceRS485/USART/infrared interface, M-BUS alternatives;NB-lot wireless transmission
Output signalOCT alternatives
Power supply2 built-in lithium batteries/external DC8-24V power supply
Protection gradeIP68
Spot displayScreen with two rows: 9digital accumulated flow display,6 digital instantaneous flow display, various condition prompt symbols and units.
Data storageFerroelectric storage parameters usage, recording accumulated flow of 32moths and 31days before automatically
Flow measurement cycleMeasurement condition: 1time/second(settable); Authentication condition: 4times/second
Power consumptionStandard condition < 30uA, working 20 years above constantly
MaterialsMeasuring pipe: carbon steel(stainless steel for sensor); sensor: PEEK; protection cover:nylon plus glass fiber


3.Error Curve Pressure Loss:


Ultrasonic water meter linear diagram

4. Communications and Networking:


Industrial ultrasonic water meters are equipped with waterproof junction boxes and are suitable for wired and wireless communications.


Ultrasonic water meter communication


5.Specifications and matching pictures:


⑴. Industrial-grade small-diameter ultrasonic water meter (applicable pipe diameter: DN15-DN40) sensor material: You can choose the meter body material: copper, SS304, SS316


Small diameter ultrasonic water meter

DN15 ultrasonic water meter

⑵. Dual-channel ultrasonic water meter: (Applicable pipe diameter: DN50-DN500)
Sensor material: carbon steel (probe is SS304), SS304 or SS316 (optional)


2 inch ultrasonic water meter

8-inch ultrasonic water meter


⑶. Four-channel ultrasonic water meter: (DN80-DN500)
Sensor material: carbon steel (the probe is 304 stainless steel), 304 or 316 stainless steel is available


Industrial channel ultrasonic water meter

4-channel ultrasonic water meter


6.The water meter is calibrated using the constant current method:

When our products are produced, all flow meters are calibrated one-on-one.
The constant flow method is to make a calibration device (standard water meter) and make the water meter under test enter a stable flow state at a set flow point. Calibrate the water meter through the following methods:
At the same time, the cumulative flow rate is measured. Different calibration methods may cause errors. If the start-stop method is used to calibrate equipment, errors may occur. Use the method of prolonging the calibration time when starting and stopping to calibrate the instrument, and ensure that the duration of each start time should be at least more than 60 seconds. The less time it takes to calibrate, the greater the error will be.


7. RFQ:


1. Q: What is the difference between industrial ultrasonic water meters and household water meters?

A: It has better stability, long service life, can be measured in complex environments, has higher measurement accuracy (accuracy: level 2), and has a wider range of product pipe diameters (the maximum can be produced to DN500=20″).


2. Q: Are you a trader or manufacturer?

A: We are a manufacturer. We have more than 20 years of R&D and manufacturing experience and are one of the suppliers of flow measurement products for the water conservancy department in China.


3. Q: Can we order samples? What is the minimum order quantity?

A: Of course, we have sufficient inventory and can deliver the fastest. Our minimum order quantity is 1PCS.


4. Q: What payment methods do you support?

A: We support TT payment, credit card online payment, Western Union payment, RMB payment, LC payment.


5.Q: Can I visit your factory?

A: Of course, we welcome you to visit our factory at any time if you need.


6.Q: How is the product guaranteed?

A: All products we manufacture have a 24-month warranty. If there are quality problems, we will provide new products for free.

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