Ultrasonic Flow Meter Sensor

Ultrasonic Flow Meter Sensor

Ultrasonic Flow Meter Sensor

Is stationary time difference ultrasonic flow meter sensor flow body could be water, sea water, or oil, uniform liquid slurry, conduct electricity or not, corrosive or no corrosive liquid can be measured. Widely used in industrial field of various liquid flow metering online, which host is divided into standard wall hanging type, plate type, hanging type explosion-proof, the use of different field in order to meet user needs.

The ultrasonic flow meter is composed by transmitter and sensors.

Product features
1. Ultrasonic sensors can choose external clamp type, plug-in type, pipe-segment type, and can also support water meter sensors installed at any angle, including parallel insertion sensors.
2. The measurement effect of sewage pipe is good, and it can carry out stable and reliable measurement on most sewage pipes.
3. Low cost, high reliability, high performance and good applicability.
4. All data can be read out through MODBUS protocol.




Flow rate range

0-±10m/s,Forward and reverse measurement

Pipe size

DN15 to DN6000

Liquid type

Water ,sea water ,sewage water ,beer ,oil Single homogeneous liquid that can conduct ultrasonic waves

Pipe material

Steel, stainless steel, cast iron, PVC, aluminum, FRP and other dense pipelines

Signal output

1 channel 4-20Ma current output, impedance 0-1K, accuracy 0.1%
1 channel OCT pulse output, pulse width 6-1000ms
1 relay output

Signal input

3 channels 4-20Ma current input, can be used as data collector
Connect three-wire PT100 platinum resistance, support Modbus protocol

Communication Interface

Isolated RS485 serial interface, supports Modbus protocol

data storage

SD card regularly stores the set parameters and measurement results (optional)

Power supply

DC8-36V or AC85-264V

Packing list
TUF-2000S ultrasonic flow meter   1 set
Clamp Fixture                             1 set                                      
Standard S2 transducer             1 pair
2 x 5M Connection Cable

1: What’s your business range?
A: We manufacture flow meter , magnetic flow meter , vortex flow meter , turbine flow meter , orifice flow meter and ultrasonic flow meter .
Q: Can i visit your factory .
A: Of course, our factory is located at Kaifeng ,welcome your arrival.
Q4: Why choose us?
We have a professional R&D team, production team, technical team, and sales team. We are a flow meter high-tech enterprise certified by the Chinese government.

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