TUF2000 Ultrasonic Flowmeter

TUF2000 Ultrasonic Flowmeter

TUF2000 Ultrasonic Flowmeter

1. Accuracy: 1%
2. Repeatability: better than 0.2%
3. Power supply: DC8-36V, AC85-265V
4. Working current: 50Ma

1. Features:

The TUF2000 ultrasonic flowmeter is composed of a host and an external clamp sensor. During installation, the external clamp sensor only needs to be fixed (pasted) on the surface of the pipeline to complete the flow measurement of each liquid. Compared with the pipeline flowmeter: it does not need to cut off the flow, the installation is convenient and quick, and the non-destructive installation is truly realized.

High-precision ultrasonic flowmeter TM-1 sensor

TUF2000S Wall-mounted Ultrasonic Flowmeter


2. Ultrasonic flow meters are commonly used in various industrial applications to measure the flow of liquids. These flow meters provide non-intrusive, highly accurate and reliable measurement solutions for a wide variety of fluids including chemicals, petrochemicals, water, wastewater and slurries.

Common applications are as follows:


1. Water distribution networks, 2. Wastewater treatment plants, 3. Chemical processing plants, 4. Oil and gas refineries, 5. Power plants, 6. HVAC systems, 7. Marine and offshore applications, 8. Food and beverage Production, 9. Pharmaceutical manufacturing, 10. Pulp and paper mills, 11. Mining, 12. Biotechnology and medical research, 13. Aquaculture, 14. Sanitary sewer collection systems, 15. Irrigation systems, 16. In buildings Cooling water and HVAC systems, 17. Agriculture and farmland irrigation, 18. Seawater desalination plants, 19. Municipal water and waste treatment systems, 20. Process control systems involving liquid and gas industries, 21. Oil pipelines, 22. Dairy and Milk processing plants, 23. Water treatment and filtration systems,

24. Thermal Energy Management Systems, 25. Boiler Feed Water Systems, 26. Liquid Fuel Metering Systems, 27. Biofuel Production Processes, 28. Municipal Fresh Water Supply Systems, 29. Ethanol Production Processes, 30. Industrial Cooling Water Systems, 31. Beverage Distribution Systems, 32. Chemical Storage and Distribution Systems, 33. Industrial Cleaning Systems, 34. Potable Water Supply Systems, 35. Chemical Mixing Systems 36. Paint and Coatings Manufacturing


In general, the meter is widely used in different industries, and it can perform efficient and reliable flow measurement in the case of continuous flow.


3. working environment:

Host: protection grade IP67, humidity ≤85%RH, temperature -20~60°C

Sensor: protection grade IP68, temperature -30~160℃


4.Basic parameters of flowmeter:

Velocity range0~±15m/s
Pipe diameterDN15~DN6000
Medium temperature-30~160℃
General category of fluidWater, sea water, sewage, acid and alkali liquid, alcohol, beer, and various oils, etc., uniform liquids that can transmit ultrasonic waves.
Pipe materialSteel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, PVC, aluminum, fiberglass and other dense pipes are allowed to have lining.
Signal output1 channel 4-20Ma current output, impedance 0~1K, accuracy 0.1%
1 channel OCT pulse output, pulse width 6-1000ms.
1 relay output,
Signal input3-way 4-20Ma current input, which can be used as a data collector to connect with a three-wire PT100 platinum resistance to realize heat measurement
Communication InterfaceIsolated RS485 serial interface, support MODBUS protocol
Data storageSD card regularly stores the set parameters and measurement results (optional)
Power supplyDC8~36V OR  AC85~264V


5.Production site map:

Wall Mounted Ultrasonic Flow Meter TUF2000B Manufacturer

Wall Mounted Ultrasonic Flow Meter TUF2000S Manufacturer


6.Work site video:



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