Tuf 2000h Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Tuf 2000h Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Tuf 2000h Ultrasonic Flow Meter

TUF-2000h hand held ultrasonic flow meter is a battery power ultrasonic flow meter ,the capability of a full size flow meter. it is carefully designed for portability and easy for use.

TUF-2000h hand held ultrasonic flow meter realizes non-contact measurement of liquid flow. Install the sensor on the outer wall of the pipeline to complete the flow measurement. It has the characteristics of small size, convenient carrying and accurate measurement

Tuf 2000h Ultrasonic Flow Meter

1.Better than 1% accuracy.
2.  0.2% of repeatability.
3.  Positive / negative / net flow totaliser
4. 4 line LCD display.
5.   Operate with clamp-on transducers.
6.   RS-232/OCT output
7.   Ni-MH Battery life for up to 12 hours continuous operation.

TUF-2000h hand held ultrasonic flow meter suit for :
Water (hot water, chilled water, city water, sea water, waste water, etc.)
Swage with mall particle content
Oil(crude oil, lubricating oil,diesel oil fuel oil,etc.)
Plant effluent
Beverage, liquid food


Performance and parameters



Principle of ultrasonic time difference




4×8 Chinese or 4×16 Western dot matrix LCD with support of Chinese / English / Italian / French

signal output

1 channel OCT pulse output (pulse width 6 ~ 1000ms, default 200ms)

data interface

The RS232 serial interface is isolated and the flowmeter can be upgraded by PC computer

The Conduit situation


Steel / stainless steel / cast iron / steel / PVC. Aluminum / glass fiber reinforced plastic and other dense pipes are allowed to be lined

Tube inner diameter


Straight pipe section

The sensor installation point is best to meet: upstream 10D, downstream 5D, 30D from the outlet (D is the pipe diameter)

Measuring medium


Water / sea water / industrial sewage / acid-base liquid} alcohol / beer / oil and other single and uniform liquids that can conduct ultrasonic wave


Temperature: – 30-160 ℃


10000ppm and small bubble content

Current Speed


working environment


Main engine: – 20-60 ℃; flow sensor: – 30 ~ 160 ℃


Host: 85%RH; sensor grade: IP67

Power Supply

Three built-in 1.2V rechargeable NI-MH batteries with a capacity of 2000MAH, which can work continuously for more than 12 hours each time. AC90-260V power adapter can be used to achieve continuous measurement

power waste


Shell material

Flame retardant ABS

Main engine weight


Transmitter type

Transmitter type

Ultrasonic flow meter type 

Ultrasonic flow meter type


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