Transmitter, Basic Programmable, XTRR-1220

Transmitter, Basic Programmable, XTRR-1220

XTRR-1220 is a basic, programmable non-isolated, easy-to-use transmitter. The configuration is made in seconds with the user friendly Windows software. No external power supply required for configuration. XTRR-1220 is programmable for RTDs in 3- and 4-wire connection according to different standards as well as for 11 T/C types. Useful error correction functions improve the accuracy.

  • Accepts RTD in 3- and 4-wire connection and 11 T/C types
  • Temperature linear output
  • Sensor error and system (sensor/transmitter) error correction for highest total accuracy
  • Configuration without external power through USB
  • Easy-to-use Windows configuration software
  • Test output without breaking the loop
  • Withstands vibrations up to 5 g
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