Small Pipe Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Small Pipe Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Small Pipe Ultrasonic Flowmeter

The main parameters:
1. Applicable pipe diameter: DN15(1/2″)-DN40(1.5″)
2. Display: LCD large screen
3. Output: choose two from four (4-20MA, RS485, OCT, relay alarm)

1.Small pipe ultrasonic flowmeter is used to measure the diameter of pipes that cannot be measured by wall-mounted ultrasonic flowmeters and modular ultrasonic flowmeters (minimum detection pipe diameter DN32 (1 1/4”). It can be clamped on the pipe to complete the measurement without destroying the pipe , Easy installation, high measurement accuracy.



DN15 caliber ultrasonic flowmeter

Small pipe ultrasonic flowmeter can measure pipe material and various fluids:
1. Metal pipe: stainless steel, iron, copper
2. Resin tube: PVC and others
3. Measurable media: water, oil and other uniform liquids, strong acids and alkalis and other chemical substances
4. Suitable for pipes with an inner diameter of 12mm-40mm


Parameter introduction:

Small bore ultrasonic flowmeter

Support pipeline materialHard clinker pipes such as metal/PVC, PP or PVDF
Support detection of liquidWater/Others (single no or a small amount of solid particles and impurities,)
Supported medium temperature0-75℃
Display method256*128 backlit LCD
Response time0.5-60 Second
Accuracy class


memory backupEEPROM (data storage length: more than 10 years, data read/write frequency: more than 1 million times
Power and I/O ConnectorsM12 aviation plug
communicationModbus RS485
Optional outputOCT (pulse output) / one relay alarm
Power supply10-24VDC
Electric powerless than 3W
protect the circuitPower supply reverse connection protection, power surge protection, various output short circuit protection, various output surge protection
Enclosure ratingIP65
ambient temperature-10 ~60℃
Relative humidity35~85%RH
Vibration resistance10~55HZ, double amplitude 1.5mm, XYZ axis each 2 hours
impact resistance100 m/s2 16ms pulse, X, Y, Z axis each 1000 times
Machine materialaluminum alloy, industrial plastic
cable lengthStandard 2M, (PT1000 standard 9M)


In order to meet the applicable needs of customers, our R&D personnel developed and produced an ultrasonic flowmeter for small pipe diameters, which solves the pipe diameters that cannot be measured by hand-held ultra-type, wall-mounted, and modular flowmeters. It is suitable for electromagnetic flowmeters. But users don’t want to break the original pipeline. And this Small pipe ultrasonic flowmeter can completely make up for the above shortcomings. After nearly a year of sales, it has been well received by users at home and abroad.

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