Single Case PD Flowmeters

Single Case PD Flowmeters

Double Case PD Flowmeters

  • Flange size 1” ÷ 4” for flow rates from few hundreds of liter/hour up to 150 m3/h;
  • Max operating pressures till 10 bar (special versions available on customer request);
  • Max operating temperatures till 100 °C (special versions available on customer request);
  • Max viscosity till 50.000 mPa.s and over (special versions available on customer request);
  • Excellent Accuracy and Repeatability: Accuracy : ± 0,15% for fiscal applications and 
± 0,5% for general purpose;
  • Repeatability: ± 0,02%;
  • Very Low Pressure Drop;
  • Compact Design: No upstream or downstream pipe lengths are necessary;
  • Pocketless version available;
  • Long Service Life;
  • Different materials of construction;
  • Wide Range of Accessories;
  • Conformity with International Standards: PED, ATEX, OIML R117, ISO 9001, ISO 14001;
  • International Approvals for Fiscal Applications: CEE Approval, Indonesian Approval (MIGAS), Russian Approval, Nigerian Approval (DPR), Chinese Approval (PAC), Hellenic Metrological Approval, MID certified as component for use within a measuring system as agreed within Welmec.

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