Remote Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Remote Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Remote Electromagnetic Flowmeter

1. Pipe diameter: DN6-DN2800
2. Type: remote type, integrated type, plug-in type
3. Lining material: neoprene, PTFE, PFA, FEP, F46
4. Electrode material: SS316L, HC, HB, Ti, Tan, Pt

Introduction of remote electromagnetic flowmeter:

The remote electromagnetic flowmeter is separated from the sensor and the converter. The standard connection between the converter and the sensor is a 10M*2 cable (can be customized according to customer needs). It is suitable for pipelines in underground tunnels or at relatively high locations, which is inconvenient for meter reading. Read the installation location. The remote type can be made into IP68 protection level.

The power supply method can be selected first:



3. Battery powered,

4. Solar powered


measurement principle:

When the electromagnetic flowmeter measures the flow, the liquid cuts the magnetic field perpendicular to the flow direction, and the flow of the conductive liquid induces a voltage signal proportional to the average flow rate (that is, the volume flow), so the measured flowing liquid is required to have a minimum conductivity. The signal is detected by two electrodes in direct contact with the liquid and transmitted to the electromagnetic flowmeter transducer through a cable. It is then converted into a unified standard signal. After a series of digital processing, the cumulative flow and instantaneous flow are displayed on the  converter screen at the same time.


Type selection considerations:

 1. The series of intelligent electromagnetic flowmeters are mainly suitable for industrial water use, urban sewage, waste water system management, and environmental protection industries. The sanitary type can measure the measurement of food-grade liquids such as drinking water, milk, beer, beverages, etc., as well as the flow measurement of corrosive liquids such as chemical wastewater, strong acid and strong alkali, etc.


2. The default installation part is flange connection, if you need other installation connection methods, please let us know before ordering.


3. Default pressure level: DN6-DN250 pressure is 1.6Mpa

                     DN300-DN1000 pressure rating is 1.0Mpa

                     DN1200-DN2800 pressure rating is 0.6Mpa

Please let us know when ordering if a higher pressure rating is required

magnetic coil:

Our flowmeter uses an all-copper coil to ensure a stable long-term working magnetic field, not easy to age, accurate measurement and long service life.

Electromagnetic flowmeter coil material

Electrode installation:

Install 3 electrodes, namely: positive electrode, negative electrode and ground electrode, no need to install a ground ring,

Electromagnetic flowmeter electrodes

welding department:

Our welding engineers have at least 8 years of welding work experience,


Slurry Application Flow Meter Calibration Unit:

Our factory has professional calibration equipment and professional calibration engineers. When the mud application flowmeter leaves the factory, a professional calibration engineer uses a 5-point calibration method to calibrate the flowmeter one-to-one to ensure that the accuracy of the flowmeter can reach 0.5%, up to 0.5%. up to 0.2%.

Electromagnetic flowmeter construction


1. Question: How to install the remote electromagnetic flowmeter model?

A: The installation is very simple, and we provide an installation manual with the goods, and you can also contact our sales representatives or engineers at any time to guide the installation.

2. Question: How to choose the flow path?

Answer: Yes. Based on your pipeline ID and flow range. We have professional guidance to help you choose the right flowmeter.

3. Q: Can I get samples?

A: Yes, we have materials in stock and can help you get samples as soon as possible.

4. Q: What is the MOQ?

A: Our MOQ is 1PCS.

5. Q: Can I visit your factory?

A: Of course, you can visit our factory at any time if you need.

6. Q: Can we be your agent?

A: Yes, you need to contact our sales representative,

7.Q: What is the payment method?

A: The payment methods we support are: TT payment, credit card online payment, Western Union payment, LC payment,

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