Re-Certification for Check-Set

Re-Certification for Check-Set
Part Number: 9610CS81

Annual factory re-certification and maintenance service includes thorough inspection/cleaning, testing, extended one year warranty, and NIST traceable calibration. Upon completion, the unit will be returned with a calibration certificate and labeled with the calibration service dates. Re-certification orders placed online WILL require credit card information, and also qualify for a $10 discount.

Effective 1/1/22, we are no longer able to provide recertification services or repairs on units 15 years or older due to the uncertain availability of parts.
Services available are as follows:

    1-9 years: Recertification and repair service available, 1 year warranty extended with each recertification.
    10 – 14 years: Recertification and repair service available depending on parts availability. Due to obsolete components, there will be a flat rate fee. 1 year warranty extension is not available.
    15 years and older: We are no longer providing recertification services or repairs on units 15 years or older due to obsolete components.

We are now offering a trade-in program as some of our build components have become obsolete. Please CLICK HERE to find info detailing this program. The offer is designed specifically for units that are ten years old or more, however we will honor the discount for anyone who would like to upgrade.

If you are uncertain of the manufacture date of your unit please contact us at [email protected] or call our Customer Service team working remotely at either 585-478-2218 or 800.232.5335 during the following hours: Monday-Thursday 8am-5pm EST and Friday 8am-3:30pm EST.

Please print and review these important packing instructions before sending your thermometer calibrator back to us. Packing instructions for Check-Set

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