Pressure Transmitter With Local Indicator

Pressure Transmitter With Local Indicator

Pressure Transmitter With Local Indicator

The pressure transmitter with local indicator is a fully isolated field measuring instrument with Hart communication protocol developed and designed using fully isolated circuit technology, combined with internationally advanced piezoresistive, silicon chip pressure transmitter design and manufacturing technology, and has an all-stainless steel structure and Standardized signal output, large-scale measurement range and on-site display characteristics, rational assembly process and strict product quality standards, ensure the quality and performance of the product, which is suitable for various fields that require precise measurement and control of fluid and gas pressure .

Pressure Transmitter with Local Indicator

Pressure Transmitter with Local Indicator


(1) The stability of Pressure Transmitter with Local Indicator is good, and the long-term stability of zero position and full degree can reach 0.2% FS / year. In the compensation temperature range of – 30 ~ 70 ℃, the temperature drift is less than 0.2% FS, and less than 0.5% FS in the whole allowable working temperature range.
(2) It can be used to measure liquid, gas and steam reacting with 316 stainless steel.
(3) Solid structure, no movable parts, high reliability, long service life.
(4) From wind pressure to water and oil, high-precision measurement can be carried out, which is not affected by the quality of the measured medium.
(5) It is easy to install, simple in structure, economical and durable.

Pressure Transmitter with Local Indicator can be applied in Boilers, pipes
Water conservancy, hydropower, electricity
Food and medicine industry
Hydraulic measurement, building automation
Use object: liquid, gas, steam


Measuring range


Maximum Overdrive

1.5 times of rated pressure

Pressure type

Gauge pressure, absolute pressure and negative pressure

Accuracy level 

0.5%   0.2%   0.1%

supply voltage


Load resistance


Measuring medium

Liquid ,Gas ,Steam

Long time stability:

±0.2% F·S/ year

Ambient relative humidity


working temperature



Stainless steel

Pressure connection

M20×1.5、G1/2 or customize


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