Pressure Transmitter 4-20ma

Pressure Transmitter 4-20ma

Pressure Transmitter 4-20ma

The pressure transmitter 4-20ma uses a high-performance pressure-sensitive chip that combines advanced circuit processing and temperature compensation techniques to convert pressure changes into linear current or voltage signals. The product is small in size, easy to install, and is insulated by a stainless steel case. It is suitable for measuring gas and liquid media compatible with the material of the contact part. It can be used to measure gauge pressure, negative pressure and absolute pressure. The hygienic (flush film) pressure transmitter 4-20ma is formed on the basis of the prototype of the universal pressure transmitter and is equipped with a welded sealing diaphragm structure. Its welded sealing isolating diaphragm device has a variety of different process connection structures, which are especially suitable for pressure measurement in high temperature, high viscosity, crystalline medium and easy to block, and also suitable for pressure measurement in sanitary and medical applications

Pressure Transmitters

Pressure Transmitter 4-20ma

1.This pressure transducer has been approved with CE,FCC,ROHS,ISO certificates, and explosion-proof certificate.
2. Pressure transmitter 4-20ma is made of stainless steel, the pressure sensing elements are selected from good suppliers. Special circuits are adopted to asjust zero and full range conveniently.
3. Pessure transmitter has been specially designed to cover the majority of industrial applications where need high accuracy measurements.
4. Customized structure and outputs formats of Pressure Transmitter 4-20ma can be designed according to special application requirement, in addition to standard products.

Technical Parameters

Pressure range

-100~ 20Kpa~ 100Mpa

Accuracy   digital pressure transmitter

0.5%FS(default), 0.2%FS(Customized)

Output signal

4-20mA 0-5V 0-10V

Power supply

12~ 24VDC   digital pressure transmitter

Compensation temperature

-10~ 70℃

Operating temperature

-20~ 80℃   digital pressure transmitter

Zero temperature drift


Sensitivity temperature drift

0.5%FS(max)    digital pressure transmitter



Mechanical vibration

20g(20-5000HZ)    digital pressure transmitter

Long-term stability


Shell material   digital pressure transmitter

Shell low copper aluminum alloy; 304 stainless steel joint

Protection level


Explosion-proof grade

ExiaⅡCT6       digital pressure transmitter

Media Compatibility

Various fluid media compatible with 316L stainless steel


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