Orifice Type Flow Meter

Orifice Type Flow Meter

Orifice Type Flow Meter

Orifice type flow meter, also known as differential pressure flowmeter, is composed of primary detection part (throttle part) and secondary device (differential pressure transmitter and flow indicator), and is widely used in the flow of gas, steam and liquid. measuring. It has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient maintenance, stable performance and reliable use.

Orifice flowmeter

Orifice flow meter

Product features

Orifice type flow meter is one of the simplest and most adaptable products in throttling device. Its design, manufacture and use are in accordance with the international standard ISO5167 or the national standard GB/T2624 provisions.


Orifice type flow meter can measure the flow rate of all kinds of gas, liquid and steam. It can be used in a wide range.

Simple structure, firm, easy installation, reliable work, stable performance.

No need of real flow calibration, moderate accuracy.

Intelligent differential pressure transmitter can be used to realize temperature and pressure compensation or fieldbus communication.

Main technical parameters:

Pressure taking mode: Angle connection (ring chamber or separate drilling), flange pressure, diameter distance pressure.

Nominal pressure (Mpa) : ≤40(after ≥ 20Mpa, use high pressure lens orifice plate or fully welded type)

Nominal diameter (mm) : DN50 ~ 1000(standard orifice plate) or DN<50(hidden orifice plate), DN > 1000(flat orifice plate) accuracy (uncertainty) : ±0.5% ~ ±1.5%


Environmental protection project

The discharge of flue gas, waste liquid, sewage, etc. seriously pollutes the atmosphere and water resources, and seriously threatens the human living environment. The country lists sustainable development as a national policy, and environmental protection will be the biggest issue in the 21st century. To control air and water pollution, management must be strengthened, and the basis of management is quantitative control of pollution.

my country is a country where coal is the main energy source. There are millions of chimneys in the country that continuously emit smoke into the atmosphere. Flue gas emission control is an important project for radical pollution. Each chimney must be equipped with flue gas analysis instruments and flow meters to form a continuous emission monitoring system. The flue gas flow rate has great difficulties. The difficulty is that the chimney is large in size and irregular in shape, the gas composition is variable, the flow rate range is large, dirt, dust, corrosion, high temperature, no straight pipe section, etc.


There are five ways: railway, road, air, water, and pipeline transportation. Although pipeline transportation has existed for a long time, its application is not widespread. With the emergence of environmental protection issues, the characteristics of pipeline transportation have attracted people’s attention. Pipeline transportation must be equipped with flow meters, which are the eyes of control, distribution, and dispatch, as well as an indispensable tool for safety monitoring and economic accounting.


(1) The most widely used orifice flowmeter has a solid structure, stable and reliable performance, and long service life;

(2) It has a wide range of applications, and there is no other type of flow meter comparable to it so far;

(3) The detection parts, transmitters, and display instruments are produced by different manufacturers, which is convenient for scale economic production.

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