Orifice Plate Flow Meter

Orifice Plate Flow Meter

Orifice Plate Flow Meter

The orifice plate flow meter is a differential pressure generating device for measuring flow. It can measure the flow of various fluids in the pipeline with various differential pressure or differential pressure transmitters. Orifice flow meter throttling device includes annulus orifice, nozzle and so on. The orifice flowmeter throttling device is used in conjunction with the differential pressure transmitter to measure the flow of liquid, steam, and gas. The orifice flowmeter is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, shop, light industry and other departments.

1.The structure of the orifice flow meter throttling device is easy to replicate, simple, firm, stable and reliable, and has a long service life.
2.Orifice plate calculation adopts standard and processing.
3.The orifice flow meter has a wide range of applications, and can also measure all unidirectional flows, and part of mixed flow can also be used.
4.The standard throttling device can be put into use without real flow calibration.
5.The integrated plate orifice flow meter is easier to install, and it does not need a pressure tube, and can be directly connected to a differential pressure transmitter and a pressure transmitter.

Application :
Saturated Vapor
superheated steam
Gas liquid
High viscosity liquid


Product name

Orifice flow meter



Flow range

1:10 (conventional)

Installation way

Flange type, wafer type, compact type

Accuracy level

±1.5(ordinary),1% or 0.5% (customizable)

Pressure taking method

Angle joint pressure, flange pressure, diameter pressure

Body material

SS304, SS316L, Hastelloy, carbon steel

Manufacturing Standards


Verification standard


Measuring medium

Steam, compressed air, biogas and other gases, water, oil and other liquids

Orifice Plate Flow Meter







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