Orifice Flow Measurement

Orifice Flow Measurement

Orifice Flow Measurement

The orifice flow measurement is a high turndown differential pressure flow device composed of a standard orifice plate and a multi-parameter differential pressure transmitter (or differential pressure transmitter, temperature transmitter and pressure transmitter). It can measure gas, The flow rate of steam, liquid and pipe is widely used in process control and measurement in the fields of petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, heating, water supply and so on. The throttling device is also called a differential pressure flowmeter, which is composed of a primary detection part (throttling part) and a secondary device (differential pressure transmitter and flow indicator) and is widely used in gas. Flow measurement of steam and liquid. It has simple structure, convenient maintenance and stable performance.

Orifice flowmeter

Orifice Flow Measurement

Product features

Orifice flow measurement  is a new type of differential pressure flow measurement device, which is installed coaxially in the measuring tube with a pointed cone as the throttle element. It is installed straight, flying straight and measuring principle of a meter with a churi tube. It combines the advantages of classical venturi tube, annular orifice plate and wear-resistant orifice plate in one of the new throttling devices.


Shorter upstream and downstream straight pipe segments are required: minimum upstream straight pipe length is 3D (installed downstream of valve)

Requires 3D), and the shortest length of the downstream straight pipe is ≤3D.

Accuracy: ±0.5%; Reproducibility was 0.1%; The range ratio reached 15:1.

Smudge resistance, small pressure loss.

It has the function of flow adjustment and mixing of fluid.

Easy installation – is the ideal flowmeter for technical transformation.

Maintenance-free and minimal workload.

Main technical parameters:

Nominal diameter (mm) : DN25 ~ DN2600

Nominal pressure (MPa) : 0.25~42

Accuracy: ±0.5%


Industrial production process

Flow meter is one of the major types of process automation instruments and devices. It is widely used in metallurgy, electric power, coal, chemical industry, petroleum, transportation, construction, textile, food, medicine, agriculture, environmental protection and people

Daily life and other areas of the national economy are important tools for developing industrial and agricultural production, saving energy, improving product quality, and improving economic efficiency and management. In process automation instrument

Among the meters and devices, the flow meter has two major functions: as a detection meter for the process automation control system and a total meter for measuring the quantity of materials.

Energy metering

Energy is divided into primary energy (coal, crude oil, coalbed methane, petroleum gas and natural gas), secondary energy (electricity, coke, artificial gas, refined oil, liquefied petroleum gas, steam) and energy-carrying media (compressed air, oxygen,Nitrogen, hydrogen, water) etc. Energy metering is an important means for scientifically managing energy, realizing energy saving and consumption reduction, and improving economic efficiency. Flow meter is an important part of energy meter, water, artificial gas, natural gas, steam and

These commonly used energy sources of oil products use an extremely large number of flow meters, which are indispensable tools for energy management and economic accounting.


(1) Orifice Flow Measurement is widely used in orifice flowmeter that has a solid structure, stable and reliable performance, and long service life;

(2) It has a wide range of applications, and there is no other type of flow meter comparable to it so far;

(3) The detection parts, transmitters, and display instruments are produced by different manufacturers, which is convenient for scale economic production.


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