Natural Gas Flow Sensor

Natural Gas Flow Sensor

Natural Gas Flow Sensor

Ambient temperature: -30℃~+55℃
Power supply mode: 24VDC and battery dual power supply
Connection method: flange
Table body material: aluminum alloy or stainless steel

1. Working principle:


The flow profile of a precession flow sensor is similar to that of a venturi tube. A set of spiral guide vanes is provided on the inlet side. When the fluid enters the flow sensor, the guide vanes force the fluid to produce violent vortices. When the fluid enters the diffusion section, the vortex is affected by the backflow and begins to rotate twice, forming a gyroscopic vortex precession phenomenon. This precession frequency is proportional to the flow rate and is not affected by the physical properties and density of the fluid. This detection element can obtain good linearity in a wide flow range by measuring the secondary rotational precession frequency of the fluid. The signal is amplified, filtered, and shaped by the preamplifier and then converted into a pulse signal proportional to the flow rate. It is sent to the microprocessor together with detection signals such as temperature and pressure for integration processing. Finally, the natural gas flow sensor displays the measured value on the LCD screen. Measurement results (instantaneous flow, accumulated flow, temperature and pressure data)


Precession vortex flowmeter



2.Performance characteristics:


⑴No mechanical moving parts, corrosion-resistant, stable and reliable, long life, no special maintenance required for long-term operation;

⑵It adopts 16-bit chip, with high integration, small size, good performance and strong functions of the whole machine;

⑶The intelligent natural gas flow sensor integrates a flow probe, microprocessor, pressure and temperature sensors. The built-in combination makes the structure more compact. It can directly measure the flow rate, pressure and temperature of the fluid, and automatically track compensation and compression in real time. factor correction;.

⑷ The use of dual detection technology can effectively improve the detection signal strength and suppress the interference caused by pipeline vibration;

⑸ Adopt leading intelligent anti-seismic technology to effectively suppress interference signals caused by vibration and pressure fluctuations;

⑹It adopts dot matrix display, with many display digits, and the reading is intuitive and convenient. It can directly display the volume flow rate under working conditions, the volume flow rate and total amount under standard conditions, as well as medium pressure, temperature and other parameters;

⑺Using EEPROM technology, the parameters are easy to set and can be saved permanently. Historical data up to one year can also be saved;


⑻The pressure and temperature signals are input by the transmitter and are highly interchangeable;

⑼The whole machine has low power consumption and can be powered by built-in battery or external power supply.


3. Scope of application:

The precession vortex flowmeter can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, urban gas supply and other industries to measure various gas flows. It is the first choice product for current oil fields, urban natural gas transmission and distribution measurement and trade measurement.


4. On-site application:

The precession vortex flowmeter has been widely used and praised in the natural gas measurement industry.


Natural gas flow meter installation

Natural gas special flow meter installation


5.Flow range table:


Pipe diameter

Gas flow range(m³/h)



DN15 (1/2″)



DN20 (3/4″)



DN25 (1″)






DN40 (1.5″)



DN50 (2″)



DN65 (2.5″)



DN80 (3″)



DN100 (4″)



DN125 (5″)






DN200 (8″)






1. Question: Are you a manufacturer?


A: Yes, we have more than 20 years of R&D, production and manufacturing experience. Our products are exported to 80 countries around the world and are well received by dealers and end users alike.


2. Question: How long is your delivery time?


A: If it is less than 20 PCS, our production time is estimated to be 4 working days, and the shipping time needs to be determined according to your delivery address.


3.Q: Can I take samples? What is the minimum order quantity PCS?


A: Of course, our MOQ is 1PCS.


4.Q: What payment methods do you support?


A: We support TT payment, credit card online payment, RMB payment, Western Union payment, LC payment.


5.Q: What is the warranty of the flow meter?


A: Our flow meters will undergo two factory calibrations before leaving the factory to ensure that the product’s factory qualification rate is 100%. If the product has quality problems, we will replace it with a new one for free.


6. Question: How is the accuracy of your products?


A: The accuracy of all our products meets international certification standards. The accuracy of the precession vortex flowmeter is 1%.

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