Mini Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Mini Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Mini Ultrasonic Flowmeter

1. Sensor: the diameter can be adjusted, suitable for all pipe diameters from DN15-DN40
2. Host display: LCE large screen display, resolution 256*128
3. Output: 4-20MA, RS485, OCT
4. Special working conditions: not affected by the medium with bubbles, it can be measured normally

Introduction of snap-on ultrasonic flowmeter:

1. Host display: LCD large screen display with higher resolution, resolution 256*128

2. Display language: English

3. Sensor: The measuring distance of the sensor is adjustable, one set can use all pipe diameters from DN15-DN40

4. Static zero point: stronger, there is no zero point drift phenomenon

5. Performance: The internal module adopts the same design as the mature wall-mounted ultrasonic flowmeter, with stronger quality and stability

6. Protection design: The socket design has been upgraded, and all different interfaces use different aviation plugs to effectively prevent wrong insertion

7. Output mode: 4-20MA, RS485 communication, OCT

8. New function: Added fast response traffic follow function, which can be applied to application scenarios that require fast traffic follow changes

9. Measurement under special conditions: measurement results are not affected by bubbles in the medium

10.Power supply mode: 10-24VDC

Applicable pipe materials for the flowmeter: 

all metal pipe materials, PVC, PP, PVDF and other hard plastic pipes.

Applicable medium of flowmeter: 

uniform liquid medium such as water, oil, chemical substances, etc.

Mini Ultrasonic Flow Metermini ultrasonic flowmeter


1. Q: How to install the water flow meter model?

A: We can provide manuals of water flow meter types, please feel free to contact us.


2. Q: How to choose the flow diameter?

Answer: Yes. Based on your pipe ID and flow range. We have professional guidance for you to choose the right flow meter.


3. Q: Can I take samples?

A: Yes, we have materials in stock to help you get samples as soon as possible.


4. Q: Can you provide the shortest delivery time?

A: We have materials in stock, if you really need it, you can tell us, we will try our best to satisfy you.


5. Q: Can I visit your factory?

A: Of course, we will help you to visit our factory if you need.


6.Q: If I have already paid, when will you help me produce?

A: When we receive your payment, we will give you the receipt and arrange production immediately.

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