Magnetic Type Flow Meter

Magnetic Type Flow Meter

Magnetic Type Flow Meter

1. Pipe diameter: DN6-DN2800
2. Type: remote type, integrated type, plug-in type
3. Lining material: neoprene, PTFE, PFA, FEP, F46
4. Electrode material: SS316L, HC, HB, Ti, Tan, Pt


Henan Junyuan Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the top ten magnetic flow meter manufacturers in China. We have first-class production equipment and a professional technical team. As a well-known  flowmeter manufacturer in China, we strictly control every production link to ensure that every All instruments meet high quality standards before leaving the factory.

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Flow meter factory pictureElectromagnetic flowmeter sensor
Stainless steel electromagnetic flowmeter sensorIntegrated electromagnetic flowmeter sensor

2.Instrument principle:

magflow flowmeter utilizes Faraday’s law of induction to detect flow. There are two electromagnetic coils inside the instrument sensor to generate a magnetic field, when the liquid passes through the pipe, it cuts the magnetic field lines, and the electrodes are used to capture the electromotive force (voltage). It is because of this that the magnetic type flow meter can measure the flow of liquid without any obstructing parts in the pipeline. As the flow rate changes, the electromotive force (voltage) captured by the electrodes also changes.

3.Measuring range:

The measuring instrument has a wide measurement range, usually 20:1~50:1, and the optional flow range is large; the diameter range of the magnetic type flow meter is wider than other types of flow meters, from 4 mm to 3000 mm; it can measure forward flow and Reverse flow and pulsating flow can also be measured, as long as the pulsating frequency is much lower than the excitation frequency; the output of the instrument is basically linear; it has the advantages of easy selection of materials for fluid contact parts and the ability to measure corrosive fluids. Therefore, the flowmeter can measure suspended solids or dirty bodies (such as sewage, wastewater, pulp, mud).

4.lining options:

First determine the corrosiveness, abrasiveness and temperature of the measured medium to select the lining material:

⑴. Acid-resistant rubber (hard rubber)

Resistant to the corrosion of hydrochloric acid, acetic acid, oxalic acid, ammonia water, phosphoric acid and 50% sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide at room temperature, but not resistant to the corrosion of strong oxidants

Measure general acid, alkali and salt solution

⑵. Neoprene

Excellent elasticity, high breaking force, good wear resistance

Resistant to the corrosion of general low-concentration acid-base and salt solutions, but not resistant to oxidation and corrosion, and the medium temperature is less than 80 °C;

Water, sewage, mud and slurries

⑶. Polyurethane rubber

excellent wear resistance

Poor acid and alkali resistance

Measure neutral and highly abrasive coal slurries, slurries and ore slurries

⑷. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)

Resistant to boiling hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, aqua regia, concentrated alkali and various organic solvents

Good wear resistance, poor adhesion

Concentration measurement, concentrated alkali strong corrosive solution and hygienic medium


5.Application configuration selection:

Users need to provide:

⑴. The name of the liquid to be tested (provided by the user);

⑵. The maximum flow, common flow, and minimum flow of the liquid to be measured (provided by the user);

⑶. Pipe diameter material (provided by the user);

⑷. Medium temperature (provided by the user);

⑸. Medium pressure (provided by the user);

⑹. Conductivity of the measured fluid (provided by the user);

⑺. Whether there is negative pressure (provided by the user);

DN100 Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Electromagnetic flowmeter type


6.Equipment calibration device:

As a Chinese magnetic flow meter manufacturers, our factory has professional calibration equipment and professional calibration engineers. Before the instrument leaves the factory, all instrument equipment is calibrated one-to-one by professional calibration engineers using a 5-point calibration method to ensure an accuracy of more than 0.5%, up to 0.2%.


1. Q: How to install the water measuring instrument model?

A: We can provide manuals of water flow meter types, please feel free to contact us.


2. Q: How to choose the flow diameter?

Answer: Yes. Based on your pipe ID and flow range. We have professional guidance for you to choose the right flow meter.


3. Q: Can I take samples?

A: Yes, we have materials in stock to help you get samples as soon as possible.


4. Q: Can you provide the shortest delivery time?

A: We have materials in stock, if you really need it, you can tell us, we will try our best to satisfy you.


5. Q: Can I visit your factory?

A: Of course, we will help you to visit our factory if you need.


6.Q: If I have already paid, when will you help me produce?

A: When we receive your payment, we will give you the receipt and arrange production immediately.

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