Magnetic Inductive Flow Meter

Magnetic Inductive Flow Meter

1.What are the requirements of the magnetic inductive flow meter for the conductivity of the medium?

The instrument can be used to measure the volume flow of all conductive liquids with conductivity ≥ 5μS/cm.
The flowmeter is composed of a sensor and a converter. It is made on the basis of Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction. It is an inductive instrument for measuring the volume flow of conductive media. In addition to measuring the volume flow of general conductive liquids, it can also be used to measure the volume flow of highly corrosive liquids such as strong acids and alkalis, and uniform liquid-solid two-phase suspension liquids such as mud, ore pulp, and paper pulp. It can be widely used in flow measurement in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, textile, papermaking, environmental protection, food and other industrial sectors and municipal management, water conservancy construction, river dredging and other fields.


2.The electrode materials that can be used according to the measured medium:

Magnetic Flowmeter Electrode Material Table:

*Electrode material**characteristic**Scope of application*

Molybdenum-containing stainless steel (316L)

It is used for industrial water, sewage, inorganic acid, and weakly corrosive medium, and can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, urea, vinylon and other industries.

Stainless Steel Coated Tungsten CarbideFor non-corrosive, highly abrasive media. 

Hastelloy B (HB)

It has good corrosion resistance to all concentrations of hydrochloric acid below the boiling point, and is also resistant to corrosion by non-oxidizing acids, alkalis, and non-oxidizing salt solutions such as sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, hydrofluoric acid, and organic acids.



Hastelloy B(HC)

It is resistant to corrosion by oxidizing acids, such as nitric acid, mixed acid or mixed media of chromic acid and sulfuric acid, and also resistant to corrosion by oxidizing salts such as FE+++, CU++ or other oxidants. Such as the corrosion of hypochlorite solution above normal temperature and seawater. 

Titanium (Ti)

It is resistant to corrosion by seawater, various chlorides and hypochlorites, oxidizing acids (including fuming nitric acid), organic acids, alkalis, etc., and is not resistant to corrosion by relatively pure reducing acids (such as sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid). However, if the acid contains oxidants (such as nitric acid, FE+++, CU++), the corrosion will be reduced.



Tantalum (Ta)

Has excellent corrosion resistance, very similar to glass. Except for hydrofluoric acid, fuming sulfuric acid and alkali, it is resistant to corrosion by almost all chemical media (including boiling point hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, aqua regia and sulfuric acid below 175 degrees), and is not resistant to corrosion in alkali.

Platinum Alloy

Used for all chemical substances, resistant to corrosion (such as acid, alkali, various salts), but not resistant to aqua regia.



3..Introduction to the protection level of electromagnetic flowmeter:
*IP65, IP67, IP68:
*IP65: Dustproof and waterproof.
*IP67: Dustproof, can be submerged in water for a short time
*IP68: Dust-proof, continuous immersion in water
*Explosion-proof type: It means that if there are flammable and explosive media in the air, such as gas stations, explosion-proof treatment is required.


4.Production details picture display:

Electromagnetic flowmeter coil

*JY flowmeter uses full copper coil, advantages:

1. Increased service life, 2. Strong stability, 3. High precision


Electrode Display of Electromagnetic Flowmeter

*Three electrodes are used: 1. Positive electrode, 2. Negative electrode, 3. Ground electrode,
There is no need to install a ground ring separately.


Electromagnetic flowmeter converter

*Converter Wiring Diagram:Optional power supply mode: 85-245VAC, 24VDC, battery supply.
With 4-20MA output, RS485 communication, pulse output, Hart (optional)


Electromagnetic flowmeter welding

High standard welding, control every detail


5..On-site installation:

Electromagnetic flowmeter works



6.Magnetic inductive flow meter Calibration Unit:

Our factory has professional calibration equipment and professional calibration engineers. When the mud application flowmeter leaves the factory, a professional calibration engineer uses a 5-point calibration method to calibrate the flowmeter one-to-one to ensure that the accuracy of the flowmeter can reach 0.5%, up to 0.5%. up to 0.2%.




1. Question: How to choose the flowmeter? Is it easy to install?

A: The selection of the flowmeter is to choose the most suitable lining material and electrode material according to the pipe caliber, the medium to be measured, and the installation environment, and choose split type, integrated type, and plug-in type. We have professional sales representatives to help you choose the most suitable flow meter for you. The installation of the instrument is very simple, and we also have an installation manual, and you can also contact our professional representatives at any time to guide you in the installation.


2. Q: What is the payment method?

A: We can support TT, credit card online payment, Western Union payment, LC payment.


3. Q: The order amount is large, can we choose to pay the advance payment first?

A: Of course, we can accept 50% advance payment (communicate with the sales representative for details), after the production is completed, we will send you product photos, and we will arrange delivery after receiving the balance payment.


4. Q: How about the product warranty?

A: Because of the transportation cost, if there is a quality problem with our product, you need to send me the working video of the flowmeter. We have professional engineering inspections. If there is a quality problem with the product itself, we will provide you with a new one for free product.


5. Q: Can I visit your factory?

A: Of course, we will help you to visit our factory if you need.


6.Q: How about the price of your flow meter? If I have already paid, when will you produce it for me?

A: We are a manufacturer, we sell a lot, in order to reduce the production cost, all our raw materials are purchased in cash, and we have a large inventory, our price is very competitive, and the delivery time is also very fast, such as: 100PCS our Production time is estimated to be 7 working days.
When we receive your payment, we will give you a receipt and arrange production immediately.


If you want to know more, please contact us, we always welcome your inquiries.


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