Insertion Type Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Insertion Type Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Insertion Type Electromagnetic Flow Meter

This technology of insertion type electromagnetic flow meter has a number of advantages when it comes to liquid flow measurement. The sensors are generally inserted in line into the pipes’ diameter, and are therefore designed such that they do not disturb or restrict the flow of the medium under measurement. As the sensors are not directly immersed in the liquid—there are no moving parts—there are no wear and tear concerns.

Insertion type electromagnetic flow meter

Insertion Type Electromagnetic Flow Meter

More EMF flow meter 

More EMF flow meter


1. The JYLDE insert type electromagnetic flowmeter is more convenient to install in old pipelines and is more cost-effective for large pipelines.
2. It can measure various conductivity liquids, such as drinking water, mud, sewage, river water, sea water, etc.
3. JYLDE plug-in electromagnetic flowmeter is divided into integral type (compact type, integrated type) and split type (remote type).
4. Plug-in electromagnetic flowmeter can measure forward and reverse flow
5. Display language: Chinese or English
6. Measuring range rate: 1:100
7. Long-term EEPROM, save data after power off
8. Support MODBUS/4-20mA/pulse/HART communication protocol (optional)
9. 2*16LCD display screen, easy to operate
10. Power supply mode: 85-245VAC, 24VDC or battery power supply
11. Plug-in electromagnetic flowmeter, cost-effective, easy to install and easy to maintain.


reaches 8 element liquid crystal display, current clock to indicate flow data. Units( m3 or L)


inserted style, compact type or separate type


liquid or solid-liquid two phase fluid, conductivity >0.5μs/cm2




range between 0.1m/s~10m/s can be 0.5%


6mm~2000 mm


PN6, PN10,PN16,PN25,PN40,PN63,PN100,PN160,PN250,PN420 optional

Output signal

4~20mA or frequency


RS485,support MODBUS protocol (not standard), support HART(option)


DN6~DN2000  flange connection

Connection standard

suits for all kinds of flange standard(eg:BS EN1092-1)


accuracy apply to EN1434-1:2003 standard

Protection grade

compact type for IP65,separately type for IP67or IP68(optional)


AC86~230V or DC24V(optional)

Ambient temperature


Ambient humidity

<85 % r.h (non condensation)

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