Industrial Water Flow Meter

Industrial Water Flow Meter

Industrial Water Flow Meter

Cheap hot selling industrial magnetic water flow meter with rs485 protocol and 4-20mA output,as the product of long-term experience in the field of flow instrument,has the functions of rapid response and output noise elimination,Its design and quality control system have guaranteed the high accuracy and reliability of the product, and the application of lining makes the electromagnetic flow meter

working principle:

Electromagnetic flowmeters are flowmeters that measure flow according to Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction. The advantage of industrial water flowmeters is that the pressure loss is extremely small and the measurable flow range is large. The ratio of the maximum flow rate to the minimum flow rate is generally more than 20:1, and the applicable industrial pipe diameter range is wide, up to 3m. The output signal is linear with the measured flow rate, and the accuracy is high. It can measure conductivity ≥ 5μs/cm Fluid flow of acids, alkalis, salt solutions, water, sewage, corrosive liquids, and mud, ore pulp, paper pulp, etc. But it cannot measure the flow of gas, steam and pure water.

Advantage : 

JYLDE electromagnetic flowmeter measures instantaneous flow and cumulative flow, which means that the measurement is not affected by fluid density, temperature, pressure and viscosity, etc., and can be used to measure other types of conductive fluids without other corrections. This is an important advantage that other types of electromagnetic flowmeters do not have.

Industrial Water Flow Meter

1. The pipe diameter of electromagnetic flowmeter ranges from 10mm to 3200mm
2. The stability of the Industrial Water Flow Meter has been improved greatly

3. Both 85V-245VAC and 24VDC power supplies are available.

4. Even high-concentration slurry and low-conductivity fluid can achieve fast response and high stability.
5. Both the inner lining and the built-in grounding electrode are applicable.
6. In the event of a power failure, EEPROM can protect the set parameters and accumulated values from being affected.
7. Industrial Water Flow Meter is equipped with a high-definition LCD backlit display.
8. Multifunctional split and integrated smart converter



Excitation System

Bidirectional Constant Flow Square wave Excitation

Installation Form

Integral or split or insertion type


Chloroprene Rubber,PTFE

Material of Electrode



Conductive Liquid


Built-in Grounding Electrode

Grade of Accuracy

0.3 ,0.5,  1.0

Flow Velocity


Flange of Pipe Connection

GB9119-2000 or GB9115-2000

Pipe connection

Flange Connection

Temperature of Medium

Chloroprene Rubber:-10-60℃: PTFE:-10-120℃

Rated Boltage

1.0MPa,  1.6MPa,  4MPa

Cable Interface

G1/2 Female Thread

Category of Shielding

IP65, IP68

Output Signal

4-20mACurrent,Pulse, Warning beyond upper and lower limits


RS485 Protocol

Display of Monitor

Transient Flow,Percentage,Flow Velocity,Forward and Reverse Integrated  
Flux and Total Integrated Flux

Power Supply

220VAC, 24VDC

Type of Application

General Type, Waterproof Type


1. Industrial Water Flow Meter can be used in domestic sewage, industrial sewage discharge, sewage treatment, etc.
2. Chemical acid, lye, conductive solution, coolant, additives, etc.
3. Beer, wine, alcohol, milk, yogurt, fruit juice, syrup, blood, etc.
4. Drinking water, water supply, reservoirs, pumping stations, river water, sea water, irrigation water, etc.
5. Textile industry of water, pigments, chemicals, bleaching chemicals, etc.

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