Hot Water Flow Meter

Hot Water Flow Meter

Hot Water Flow Meter

1. Pipe diameter: DN6-DN2800
2. Type: split type, integrated type, plug-in type
3. Power supply mode: 85-245VAC, 24VDC, battery 3.6V
4. Lining material: neoprene, PTFE, PFA, FEP, F46

Features of hot water flow meter:

Electromagnetic flowmeter is the most ideal instrument for hot water flow measurement. Its advantages are as follows

1. The pressure loss can be ignored because the inner diameter of the measuring tube is the same as that of the pipeline.

2. The instrument has a wide range of calibers (DN6-DN3000).

3. High measurement accuracy, high accuracy can still be achieved when the flow rate is very low,

4. The maximum temperature resistance of PTFE lining is 130℃, and the temperature grade can meet the needs of hot water measurement.

5. The pressure level can meet the measurement needs. The pressure level of the large-diameter (above DN1000) electromagnetic flowmeter can reach 0.6~2.5MPa, but special orders are required to meet the requirements of the objects with high pressure.

6. Select the appropriate lining and electrode materials, which can also resist the corrosion of strong acid and alkali. Because geothermal hot water has different corrosiveness due to different origins. For geothermal hot water containing fluoride ions, the electromagnetic flowmeter with PTFE lining and titanium electrodes can meet the needs.

7. Strong adaptability to the vibration of pipeline and environment.

8. It can measure pulsating flow with low pulsating frequency.

Liquid flow meter

Precautions for installation of hot water flowmeter:

The installation direction of the flowmeter is not strictly required. Can be installed horizontally, vertically or inclined. However, it must be noted that in order to ensure that the pipeline is full of the measured medium, that is, the “full pipe” state.

1. When installing horizontally and vertically, the meter should be installed at the lower part of the horizontal pipeline and vertically upward, and avoid installing it at the highest point of the pipeline and vertically downward, as shown in the figure:

Hot water flow meter installation

2. When the flow direction is inclined, the hot water flow meter should be installed at the rise of the pipeline, as shown in the figure:

Electromagnetic flowmeter installation

3.Installed in the open discharge pipe, it should be

installed in the lower pipe, as shown in the figure:

Wastewater Flow Meter Installation

4.If the pipe drop exceeds 5m, arrange the air valve

downstream of the sensor, as shown in the figure:

milk flow meter installation

Introduction to the protection level of electromagnetic flowmeter:

1.IP65: dustproof and waterproof

2.IP67: dustproof, can be immersed in water for a short time

3.IP68: dustproof, can be continuously immersed in water (select remote flowmeter)

*Explosion-proof type: used in flammable and explosive places, such as gas stations, gas stations, etc.


1. Q: How to install the hot water flow meter model?

A: We can provide manuals for the types of water flow meters, please feel free to contact us.

2. Q: How to choose the flow path?

A: Yes. Based on your pipeline ID and flow range. We have professional guidance to choose the right flowmeter for you.

3. How do we choose lining material and electrode material?

A: You tell our dedicated sales representative what the medium to be measured is and what the temperature is, and we can help you choose the most suitable material.

4. Q: Can I take samples?

A: Yes, we have materials in stock to help you get samples as soon as possible.

5. Q: Can you provide the shortest delivery time?

A: We have material in stock, if you need it, we will finish it soon and send the goods for you.

6. Q: Can I visit your factory?

A: Of course, if you need, we will help you to visit our factory.

7. Q: How to ensure the accuracy of the flow meter?

A: We have professional calibration equipment and professional calibration engineers. We will perform 5-point calibration on the instrument when leaving the factory to ensure that the accuracy reaches 0.5%, which can be extended to 0.2%.

8. How do we pay?

A: We support T/T, credit card online payment, Western Union payment, LC payment.

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