Beverage Flow Meter

Beverage Flow Meter

Beverage Flow Meter

Beverage flow meter ,Water Flow Meter is suitable for pipes with diameters of DN15-3000 mm. Electronic Water Flow Meter adopts flange, thread, clamp structures and is available with the choice of Liner and Electrode materials. Electronic Water Flow Meter has excellent accuracy and flow range ability. Split type can be used for outdoor or underground, good waterproof effect.

Main Features

1.The Beverage Flow Meter is simple in structure and easy to operate.

2. The wide range of nominal holes is suitable for all pipe sizes between DN10 and DN3000. 

3. The sensor adopts advanced processing technology, liquid sealing, long service life, strong anti-sloshing and leakage ability, which ensures the good accuracy and stability of the instrument.



Electromagnetic beverage flow meter

Installation Type

Split/remote, integrated/compact

Measuring fluid

conductive fluid and slurry



End connection

Flange, threaded, clamping, insertion type, etc.

Electrode materials

Mo2Ti  HC  HB  Pt  Ta  Ti

Flange standard

GB, DIN, JIS, EN, SABS, etc.

Lining Material

PTFE, PFA (resistance to negative pressure), chloroprene rubber, polyurethane, hard rubber (optional conductive ground rubber), F46

Electrode Type

Standard type 316L, scraper-type (DN ≥ 50)

Dielectric conductivity

> 5μs/cm (water> 20μs/cm)

Accuracy grade

±0.5% RS.

Flow Range


Maximum temperature
of medium

For rubber liner ≤ 80 °C,  for PTFE liner ≤ 120°C

Ambient temperature

-20 – +60

Working pressure

0.6Mpa-4.0Mpa, the special high rpressure is available

Protection Level

IP65, IP67, IP68 (optional)


220VAC(85~250 voltage)    24VDC(11~40 voltage)


Forward and backward instantaneous flowrate, total flow, velocity, flowrate percentage with back light


4-20mA current output ,0-1kHz frequency output, pulse output per unit volume


RS485 @Modbus, RS232@Modbus, HART, Profibus, GPRS, etc.



Types of electromagnetic flowmeters

Types of electromagnetic flowmeters

Part features:

1. Beverage Flow Meter is equipped with an intelligent LCD display: 2*16LCD display

2. Copper coil

3. Connection mode: flange (German standard, American standard, Japanese standard) connection, clamp connection, threaded connection

4. Lining (rubber, PTFE, polyurethane)

5. Electrode material: ss316 stainless steel, tungsten carbide electrode, Hastelloy, titanium, tantalum, platinum-iridium alloy

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