4-20ma Pressure Transmitter

4-20ma Pressure Transmitter

4-20ma Pressure Transmitter

The4-20ma pressure transmitter adopts pointer display or 3 and a half liquid crystal display (LCD) to directly display the measured pressure value on site.Stable and reliable performance, easy installation, widely used in petroleum, chemical, iron and steel, electric power, hydrogeology and other industrial process pressure, liquid level measurement and control.In the use of the product can be adjusted to the zero point and range and zero point adjustment, with anti-overpressure, over current, reverse protection and other functions.

Pressure transmitter

4-20ma Pressure Transmitter

4-20ma Pressure Transmitter

Technical Parameters

Current output: 4-20mA 
Pressure type: gauge pressure (default), absolute pressure, sealing pressure
Power supply: 12~24VDC (default)
Accuracy level: 0.5% FS default 0.2% FS 0.1% FS
Protection level: IP65
Response time: 2ms
Media compatible: various fluid media compatible with 316L stainless steel
Installation thread: M20x1.5 (other specifications can be customized)
Shell material: 304 stainless steel
Core: imported diffused silicon chip
Compensation temperature: -10~70°C
Working temperature: -20-80 °C
Zero temperature drift: 0.5% FS (MAX)
Sensitivity temperature drift: 0.5% FS (MAX)
Pressure overload: 2 times below 10MPa; 1.5 times above 25MPa
Mechanical vibration: 20G (20-5000HZ)
Sampling time: 2400 times per second
Long-term stability: ≤0.2%FS/year


Measuring range


Maximum Overdrive

1.5 times of rated pressure

Pressure type

Gauge pressure, absolute pressure and negative pressure

Accuracy level 

0.5%   0.2%   0.1%

supply voltage


Load resistance


Measuring medium

Liquid ,Gas ,Steam

Long time stability:

±0.2% F·S/ year

Ambient relative humidity


working temperature



Stainless steel

Pressure connection

M20×1.5、G1/2 or customize

Installation matters

1.4-20ma pressure transmitter ,Choose a place that is easy to operate and maintain for installation;

2.Install directly on the pipeline or equipment, and clamp it to the six sides of the transmitter with the wrench.

3.It should be installed as far as possible from the heat source;
4.It should be installed as far as possible from the vibration source;


1.Care should be taken when handling and installing the transmitter to avoid collision and affect the performance of the circuit.

2.If you encounter problems during the installation of 4-20ma pressure transmitter and use of the product, please contact our company. If there is any abnormality in the product, please do not open it for repair. Please contact the manufacturer in time.

3.The safety barrier shall obtain an explosion-proof certificate, and its installation shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of its instructions.

4.The external thread of the transmitter must pay attention to the seal, otherwise the pressure will not be unstable.
5.There is an isolation diaphragm in the pressure inlet of the transmitter. Do not touch it with objects.

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