REOTEMP’s Series PL test gauge is designed for use in laboratories, testing or calibration facilities, or wherever accuracy and repeatability are of prime importance. Rugged, all-welded stainless steel construction makes this gauge suitable for almost any test application. Reading error due to parallax is eliminated by use of a knife-edge pointer and mirror dial. Stainless Steel […]
Reotemp’s Series DG25 combines the low maintenance/minimal setup of a pressure gauge with the simplicity of reading from a digital display. This gauge allows for changing the unit of measurement, max pressure, backlight for low light areas, and a protective rubber boot. Features/Benefits Easy-to-read LCD Display w/ Backlight Simple Battery Replacement Maximum Pressure Mode Select […]
REOTEMP’s Series DT40 Digial Test Gauge is designed for testing and validating equipment and instruments. The stainless steel wetted connection and sensor with built-in pulsation dampener is ideal for measure pressure or vacuum in gas or liquid applications compatible with SS. The display is customizable allowing user to change unit of measurement, refresh rate, number […]