REOTEMP’s Series D09 Bourdon Tube Style Differenetial Pressure Gauge is ideally suited for a broad range of applications requiring high accuracy and/or high differential pressure range. The large 6” dial with complete 270 degree dial arc makes the D09 the easiest to read differential pressure gauge. High Accuracy +/- 1% or .5% Full Scale Sensitive Bourdon […]
REOTEMP’s Series D05/06 High Accuracy Bellows DP Gauge is a precise, easy-to-read, and rugged instrument built for the industrial markets. Available in a variety of wetted materials, this gauge is ideally suited for a variety of applications involving the differential pressure measurement of many process fluids. High Accuracy +/- 1% or .5% Full Scale Sensitive Bellows […]
REOTEMP’s Series D20 Piston Type Mechanical Differential Pressure Gauges are primarily designed for liquid applications. Differential pressure is sensed by the movement of a precisely ground floating piston/magnet in a precision bore against a calibrated spring. A rotary pointer magnet located close to the internal magnet follows the movement of the piston magnet and indicates differential […]
REOTEMP’s Series D40/42 differential pressure gauges are ideally suited for use on dissimilar fluids, wet gas or fluids with a high concentration of solids. Other applications include: use in Filter/Strainer Monitoring, Compressed Air, Hydraulic, Refrigerant, Pump Performance Testing, Heat Exchanger Pressure Drop Monitoring, Water Treatment Applications, Tank Level Monitoring Horizontal or Vertical, and Flow Monitoring & […]
Reotemp Series D50 differential pressure gauges are widely used in the process industry on dissimilar liquids and gasses that require a rugged all stainless steel construction. With a large dial face, full 270° arc, and optional Hi-Vis™ dial, this highly accurate gauge is easy to read in many different lighting conditions. The high and low […]