Pressure Products

Pressure Products

Industrial Pressure Gauges

Tel-Tru pressure gauges are available in a wide variety of dial sizes, accuracies, pressure ranges, and case configurations, for the various requirements of industrial and process instrumentation. Rugged features make the line of stainless steel gauges a top choice for process, power, hydraulic and OEM markets. All Tel-Tru pressure gauges meet ASME B40.1.

Various industrial models are designed for:

Sanitary Pressure Gauges

Sanitary models are designed with heavy duty waterproof construction. Clean-in-place (CIP) methods can be used on these units, that also feature a pulsation dampening system and re-zero feature:

Pressure Transmitters

Tel-Tru Pressure Transmitters have a compact all welded stainless steel housing. We offer a variety of connections for the pressure port and electrical connections for output signal transmission. We recommend the you consider the following when determining the appropriate model for your needs:  output required; accuracy required; pressure rage needed; process connection required relative to media being measured; and electrical connection for interface with plant system.

The following series are available:

  • Threaded 100 Series
  • Flush 200 Series
  • Sanitary 300 Series
  • Submersible 400 Series
  • Differential 500 Series