Options and Accessories


ICTC offers services, tools, and additional parts to keep your Check-Set running at its best and to minimize down-time.

Calibrator Recertification
Many customers require their calibrator to be recertified annually to comply with regulations.  We recommend our annual Recertification Service, which includes maintenance, inspection, cleaning, and accuracy recertification of your Check-Set thermometer calibrator. This service automatically extends the product warranty one year, for up to nine years. Recertification orders placed online will require credit card information, and also qualify for a $10 discount.

•  Dial Adjustment Tool for 1″ and 2″ thermometers (set of 3)
•  Cleaning Brushes for models that fit probe diameter up to .150″ (set of 3)
•  Cleaning Brushes for multi-hole models
•  Carrying Strap (for all models except CS1-HOT)
•  Additional Well Inserts for Check-Set I COLD, II and IV